About Us

The Beginning of Charlie Lou Baby

Jessica Hargis, Owner

My entire life I dreamed of being a mom. More so, I dreamed of being a stay-at-home-mom. Raising my children, spending every moment I could with them and soaking up their childhood. I’ve been blessed to step into that very role just recently with my first child, Charlie Porter.

What I didn’t expect was how much I missed being a part of the workforce. I missed feeling challenged and being a part of a business. After spending so much time shopping for baby products for my son, I realized I had a passion for finding high quality items that made my life as a mom just a little bit brighter and my baby just a little bit comfier!

My middle name being Lou, my family called the baby Lou Jr. until we found out it was a boy and named him. (Ok, a little after too) Suddenly, our little sprout had a nickname before he was even born. Charlie Lou. Even now, as he is named Charlie Porter, we still find ourselves calling him Charlie Lou.

As he grows older, we’ll let the name fade and use his true name. But I’ll never forget the joy we felt calling our baby Charlie Lou and how blessed we felt for having a healthy baby boy on the way.

I hope you enjoy shopping with us, we’re glad you’re here. And we hope you are feeling the joy we have felt surrounding our son for the baby in your life.

Thank you for shopping small.

With gratitude and love,