Shopping Wholesale

Shopping Wholesale

If you are looking to purchase wholesale for your baby boutique, look no further. We offer all of our bamboo apparel, 100% cotton muslin nursery linens, quilts, loveys and more on our wholesale profile.

How do I purchase wholesale for my baby boutique?

Sign up for Faire! They offer Net 60 Terms and amazing promotions to help you get your baby boutique off the ground.

How do I purchase Charlie Lou Baby products wholesale?

We are also on Faire! Sign up here. Then you can use our direct link to find us on Faire and place an order.

What if I am already signed up for Faire?

Then you can use our direct link to purchase wholesale from us. This link tells Faire that you found us here versus searching on their site, which means they don’t take a portion of the sale from us. (Yay!)

Why do I need to use your Faire Direct link to order wholesale from Charlie Lou Baby?

You don’t have to. You can search us on Faire directly and purchase that way. However, if you like the ability to purchase wholesale from us, please use the Faire Direct link. Otherwise, Faire takes a large portion of the profits, which are already slim when participating in wholesale. We love to be able to offer our products to you for your shops, so if you want to see that keep happening, it’s important to support our wholesale efforts in this way. It affects you in no way, other than offering you great promotions and benefits from Faire!

What do you offer wholesale?

We currently have all in-stock products on our Faire account. You can find bamboo rompers, bamboo footies, bamboo short sleeve rompers, bamboo long sleeve ruffle bodysuits, 100% cotton muslin crib sheets, 100% cotton muslin changing pad covers, 100% cotton muslin swaddles, 100% cotton muslin quilts, loveys and more!

Will you have Holiday items available for wholesale?

Yes! These should be available early December so keep an eye out and make sure you follow us on Instagram for updates regarding launches.

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