The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs (Spring, Winter and Summer reviews)

The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs (Spring, Winter and Summer reviews)

The Broadmoor: An Arizona Girl's Colorado Dream


As a born and raised Arizona girl, for almost 30 years, sunshine and cacti were my lifeblood. But after a recent move to Colorado Springs, a whole new world of beauty opened up – and at its heart lies The Broadmoor. This iconic resort isn't just a hotel; it's a revelation.

We've stayed there three times now, during three different seasons. Spring, Summer and Winter. Here are my thoughts on it:

Winter Wonderland Escape

Trading Arizona's scorching summers for a snowy Colorado winter was a welcome change. This winter, The Broadmoor transformed into a magical white wonderland, with hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights creating a breathtaking scene. Christmas trees adorned every corner, and the indoor pool offered a warm escape from the crisp winter air. It was the perfect setting for a Christmas getaway with my family.

Luxury Fit for an Anniversary

And when it came time for romance, The Broadmoor truly delivered! We celebrated our anniversary in a stunning room with a huge balcony. To our surprise, they welcomed us with chilled champagne – the perfect touch to kick off a special weekend. The turn-down service and room service added a layer of pampering, and the gorgeous vintage-styled room with a chandelier felt like something out of a movie. Don't get me started on the incredible bathtubs – soaking in there after a day of exploring was pure heaven. 

A Dog-Friendly Oasis

The thing that truly stole our hearts? The Broadmoor's amazing dog-friendliness. They spoiled our furry companion with a luxurious dog bed, a custom Broadmoor dog collar, and even dog bowls! It was a thoughtful gesture that made our entire family feel welcome.

Summer Splash with Mountain Views (Future Fun!)

We haven't had the chance to experience the Broadmoor's summer offerings with our little one, Charlie, yet (he was under 2 on our winter visit). So we took him to the indoor pool and had an amazing time in there. Charlie is a total water baby. But I can't wait to take him down the slides at the outdoor pool in my lap – something we definitely missed on our winter escape. The refreshing water and stunning mountain views are the perfect way to beat the summer heat, a welcome change from Arizona's scorching days. When we went for our anniversary, it was the middle of summer and we went down the slides ourselves! It was so much fun, and even though slides seem more like a child thing, there was no way to feel silly because so many adults were having an absolute BLAST going down them themselves! There are two hot tubs just by the outdoor pool alone, and poolside service and drinks. Soaking in a hot tub while taking in the majestic Pikes Peak mountains? Pure bliss. We even rented paddle boats and explored the sparkling Cheyenne Lake, feeling like a world away from the desert landscape I knew. (I never knew I had so many muscles I do not ever use until trying to paddle that boat!) For a touch of adventure, we hiked up to Seven Falls – the cascading waterfalls and the delicious restaurant at the top were the perfect reward for our climb.

Unforgettable Seasons: From Easter Egg Hunts to Christmas Magic

The Broadmoor truly embraces each season. We once visited during Easter and were treated to a delightful surprise. The staff organized an egg hunt for the kids, while we enjoyed complimentary mimosas – a perfect way to celebrate spring! But Christmas at The Broadmoor takes the cake (or should I say, the gingerbread cookie? They make a gigantic gingerbread sculpture every year.). Every season offers something magical, making each visit feel fresh and exciting.

A Buzzing Night Out: The Golden Bee

Another highlight was a night out at The Golden Bee. This sophisticated yet lively bar boasts an impressive selection of handcrafted cocktails and delectable small plates. We loved the buzzing atmosphere and the chance to unwind after a day of exploring the resort. Every season offered something magical, making each visit feel fresh and exciting, both on the plate and off. When you arrive, they throw these little sticky embroidered bees at you and they stick to your shirt. If you are celebrating, the bee has a little cake next to it! They are all over the ceiling as well, it's a hoot! (I mean a buzz!) Stepping into this bar feels like going to an Irish Pub from back in the day - it's so immersive, even down to the drinks they offer and the food they serve. There is even a little secret hallway you can do into and it leads you up through a separate exit!

A Place Unlike Any Other

The Broadmoor is a place that never fails to impress. Unlike the unchanging desert landscape I grew up with, the resort itself transforms beautifully with each season. It's a place where families can create lasting memories, couples can find romance, and everyone can experience the breathtaking beauty of Colorado Springs. From the upcoming summer pool splashes with Charlie to the magical Christmas lights, The Broadmoor has become a new favorite for this Arizona girl turned Colorado explorer.

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