Mother’s Day at The Broadmoor

Mother’s Day at The Broadmoor

I woke up on Mother’s Day at 9:00AM. Glorious. I walked down the stairs and my feet didn’t even touch the bottom step before a coffee was put in my hand.

I snugged my kids and drank my coffee. Evan and Charlie left and came back with Krispy Kreme donuts. Half pink, half maple. My favorite.

I opened my card and in it somewhere down at the bottom past the words that melted my heart about me being a mother, Evan’s handwriting said, “Enjoy your day and night at the Broadmoor.”

I hung out with my babies for a little longer, packed a bag, got ready and headed out to my very own Mother’s Day vacation.

I checked in and went straight to the spa. When you walk in, they hand you a glass of rosé. Then a heated robe and heated slippers. You change into the comfiest things you’ve ever worn and then head out to the Mountain Room or the Fire Place Room. The Mountain Room is full of lounge chairs that overlook the most serene and breathtaking view, a snow capped mountain and a lush golf course with gorgeous pine trees. It was a rainy day and the fog and mist rolled over the property like something out of a Heavenly dream. There are snacks and hot tea in this room and light, classical music. Once you are ready for your service, they come to collect you.

I got a pedicure and it was unlike any other pedicure I’ve ever gotten. They had a zero-gravity heated massage chair for you. The water bowl for your feet was made of copper. It was filled elsewhere and then rolled to your feet to soak. You then lay back as they make the chair zero gravity and you lay back and can’t even see your feet while they work.

After your service you head back up to the spa amenities. Complete with a sauna, steam room and oxygen room - it’s unreal. Infused water around every corner and iced towels.

After those you head over to the lockers, showers and getting-ready area. Mirror after mirror and station and after station of everything you could ever need to get ready. Lotions and face wipes, perfumes and hair dryers, q-tips and tissues. So brightly lit, gorgeous marble tile touching every corner and poofy, dainty little chairs.

I was leaving a noticed on the wall there was a plaque that said “Forbes #1 Spa Property in the world.” Not surprised. It was unlike any experience I ever had. I had never felt more pampered, serene and spoiled.

I feel the most blessed, just ever. I could live on the streets with Evan, and still feel lucky. But instead I get experiences like this AND him. AND my babies. Being a mom is so hard but omg I just love my life so much. There is no joy like family.

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